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Survey Finds 54 Percent of Americans are Overwhelmed with Clutter and Don’t Know ATLANTA, Jan. Turns out, not only is 54 percent of America overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have, but 78 percent have no idea what to do with it or find it too complicated to deal with so they let it build up, taking over their homes and offices. Quick and easy services, like Decluttr, are just the solution for Americans being hampered by clutter. "People are constantly being bombarded with unnecessary items and instead of immediately throwing it away, they tend to let it sit around building up, "says Brett Lauer, President of Decluttr. "Services that make cleaning out all that clutter quickly and easily are becoming more and more important in helping Americans keep it under control." "NAPO is thrilled to partner with Decluttr for GO month", Certified Professional Organizer Oser. is a natural synergy between our brands and we are confident that Decluttr is a great resource

during the first golden age of TV in the 1950s and ’60s. It’s Spartacus meets The Andy Griffith Show; Boardwalk Empire crossed with The Wild Wild West; Hannibal by way of Bonanza. Texas Rising’s ambition
Wholesale NFL jerseys and sweep is veritably Shakespearean, even if its execution sometimes smacks of This is Spinal Tap. For non Texans (or Texians, if you prefer) unfamiliar with the Lone Star State’s origins, it’s a fascinating historical ride filled with larger than life characters such as Texian president and general Sam Houston (Bill Paxton), Texas Rangers officer Deaf Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the mighty Comanche warrior Buffalo Hump (Horacio Garcia Rojas), not to mention the dreaded, the bloodthirsty, the brilliant Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Olivier Martinez). Kris Kristofferson rounds
Wholesale NFL jerseys out the players with a rather deliciously bombastic performance as American President Andrew Jackson Paxton ( who also starred in History’s Hatfields McCoys) delivers one of his most memorable performances

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